Railing For Steps In House

Railing For Steps In HouseIf you're using lumber to build your own railing, the following rule of them generally applies: 4x4 posts can be up to 6 feet apart, on-center. 3D Models Top Categories 21 Models Industrial Platforms Stairs 01 Set 3ds Max + unknown: $59. Use the coring drill to drill out holes for the railing. Stand 4-foot level on first step and hold it plumb. The dining room led us to tackle a balcony which led to new windows and doors and doorways which led to floors which led to addressing our stair railings–that were NOT my favorite. 2 Step Handrail for Outdoor Steps - Wrought Iron Hand Rails for 1-3 Stairs - Grab Bars for Elderly, Handicap Railing for Exterior Steps Railings for House & Mobile Home use… 3. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing ride through the countryside or an exciting adventure through the cities, travelling by train can be a great way to e. Here are the OSHA standards for stair railing: Stair rail height is between 34 and 38 inches. For a patio height of 56½ in to 63½ in. Please complete your details below. It’s essential to keep stairways clear of objects to reduce the chance of tripping. Are there any special values on Deck Stair Railings? There are over 25. If it feels rough in any spots, lightly sand with a fine grit sand paper, or a fine steel wool pad, then wipe again to remove any dust. Staircases ️Wooden Treads ️ Wrought Iron Balusters ️ Custom Railings ️ Handrails ️ Stain ️ Trim. While building a deck costs around $4,110 to $10,640, stair installation on its own costs $25 to $50per stair. Drive in lag bolts with impact driver and use the shims (that come with the post) to level the post. Best 15 Railing Services & Installers in Edmonton, AB. For an industrial vibe, choose galvanized steel and raw lumber; for a sleeker, polished look, go for stainless steel and finely finished wood balusters. (3) of Division B of the Regulation is amended by striking out "single dwelling unit" in the portion before Clause (a) and substituting "house or an individual dwelling unit". It will cost a slightly more than standard metallic frame wooden stairs, but if you reside in a cold place, then this stair will be very helpful. Our step-by-step guide on assembling deck railings. How to Paint Exterior Railings. Attach the tree branch handrail to the bracket with the U-shaped bracket sleeve. It may be straight, Standard pitch of roof in degrees, ratio & fraction for house. Exterior Railings & Gates at Menards®. Yours doesn’t have to like that. Textured Black Aluminum Post with Welded Base. Staircase - large modern wooden u-shaped open and metal railing staircase idea in Salt Lake City. Or fastest delivery Wed, Oct 11. Advertisement Out in the Indian Ocean, 248 miles (400 kilometers) to the northwest of Madagas. The railing must be at least 34 inches high, have a diameter of 1-1/4 to 2 inches, must be 1-1/2 inches or further from the adjacent wall and must be within 30 inches of the rest of the step. Cable, Endurance Rod, or Onyx Rod infills. Actualize the dream with this floating staircase with chunky steps. Measure down from the mark on the stake to the driveway at the bottom of the staircase. The floating design allows light to flow through the space and highlights the beautiful wood grain of the treads. While pairing two opposite styles is not recommended, subtling mixing up the rail and tread styles can make for a showstopping effect; for example, an industrial-style rail can help make wood treads contemporary, or an ornate metal railing can help …. Learn about the code requirements and construction tips with images. One of them is to do use lighter colors like pink and white on the basement stair railing. Easy to install and customize outdoor handrail for steps. Here are a few ideas with some tips that might inspire your …. Updating the balusters of your stairs, staircase, or stair railings is a low-cost staircase improvement that can dramatically modernize the look of your home and add some flair. Price (in ft) Floral motifs steel railing. Handrail Height Is Between 34-38 Inches. This sleek and modern spiral staircase is fully made of metal – the centre column is of steel pipe, balustrade and handrails are made of flat bars, while the treads and risers are of perforated metal panels, all in fashionable matte black. StairSupplies TM is a leading stair part manufacturer and vendor for high quality treads, stair railings, handrails, wood & iron baluster, newels, and all other stair supplies. Our rod railing systems cost the same price as our cable railing systems. Knowing when and where trains depart and arrive can help you plan your journey and make sure you get to your destination on time. A stair railing height code is the list of building code specifications for the required height of a railing on a stairway for safety purposes. Watch Liam and Nicky from TPG UK compare French and Italian competing rail services on the high-speed line between Milan and Paris in the best class of service available. The duo offers privacy while allowing light through. The banisters then were placed on top of that solid piece. Don’t sacrifice safety for style!. A Comprehensive Overview of the Factors that Affect Freight by Rail Rates. Jim Jordan out of the race, the latest sign of …. Some of the most reviewed products in Stair Railings are the EZ Handrail 8 ft. Arguably the most classic stairs design for a duplex house involves liberal use of the colors white and brown. The distance from the floor to the top of the staircase. Classic staircases give entryways a sense of elegance and detail, …. A residential stairway in Florida must have a minimum head height of 6 feet 8 inches and a minimum width of 3 feet. 2 exterior plastic composite guards must be in accordance with ASTM D7032. Standard size of stairs for residential & commercial building. Splyce Design centres Vancouver house around "weightless" staircase. Glass Staircases, Glass Banisters & Glass Railings. 2 Inch Outdoor Handrail Outdoor Stair Railing Adjustable from 0 to 30 Degrees Handrail for Stairs Outdoor Aluminum Black Stair Railing Fit 3-4 Steps. You can also use brighter colors such as white, yellow, red, or pastels if you want something more modern. Shallow-sloped straight modern wood stairs with glass railing. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to stabilize an unsteady staircase post. This is part of a house in Shanghai designed by Wutopia Lab. Perfect for almost all exterior stairs, whether you have 2 or 10 steps. Installation of Handrails & Stairs. And neutral colors are always winners. Regardless of your home's décor, there are tons of staircase railing options that are ideal for your home. Railings that are attached by balusters have the highest. “Three months ago, I gave this company a $50,000 project, and they didn't charge me for deposit and they finished the work very quickly with excellent quality and beautiful design. They offer a sleek and minimalist look that allows for unobstructed views of your beautiful surroundings. Contains Everything Needed for a 3. ) One set of tread and riser together is called a step. However, understanding the factors that affect freight by rail rates can be crucial. Amramp's grab bars and safety railings can help you stay safer in your bathroom, walking down the basement stairs or going in and out of the garage. You may also want to explore deck railing costs if you're adding deck steps. Use a hole punch to create holes in the plastic and use zip ties to secure the plastic to the railing. Five types of stair railing trends shine this year: wooden finishes, metal detailing, exposed metal finishes, light features, and statement rails. From glass panels to wrought iron balusters, there are many stair railing options …. We also include references to stair codes and stair and. The red matches the blue and white wooden stairs, making the railing refreshingly eye-catching. This is a modern twist on the classic white-picket-fence styled railings. This beach house deck railing employs a graceful arc, this time going from bottom to top, left to right, drawing the eye around the home. Divide by 5½ inches—the height of a 6×6. Partially tighten the bolts into the anchors, ensuring it is enough to hold the pipes. The change influences the entire house, not just the staircase. Elegant Wood Stair Railing Ideas. Unfinished Red Oak Handrail Add to Cart Compare ( 52) Model# 6042P-ESR-HD16L EVERMARK Stair Parts 6042 1 ft. Get creative with your paint colors or keep it neutral (farmhouse white is a top choice right now… although some may disagree. Slide the post sleeve over the post base and inserts. Posts They also offer functional space for elements like built-in lighting. Try black, deep blue, or green. This safety feature also gives stairs a visual presence and can make a staircase a work of art. The cost to install a stair railing is $900 on average, but can reach as high as $10,000. 50 Stair Railing Ideas for More Appealing Home Interior. Modern Minimalist 2x1 Custom Wrought Iron hand rail, Stair Step Railing, Made to Order, Made in the USA. 3 Width of stair flights and landings. Like Serge you can work out the plans for yourself, but if you’d like quick access to 100% accurate manufacturing. which can be as much as five inches each. Handrail kit Red oak Sort & Filter L. 3x Stronger than Code Requires. A new Article has been added for the installation of handrails in aisles with steps in assembly occupancies. Typical locations for guarding 36 18. How to Build a Deck Always start your boards on the house side of the deck and work your way out. Narrow, ceiling-to-floor chrome rods turn a basic set of concrete steps into a stunning work of art in a modern foyer. "The right paint colors can also help play up the architecture of the stairs," says Xaykao. Staircase Design Cost Breakdown. These curved stairs designs are tailor-made with specific measurements and materials, creating the perfect design with a perfect fit every time. (See How to Build Deck Stairs for more information. Depending on the type of handrail you have chosen, the process will differ. It's amazing how you can transform your stairs by painting the risers (the vertical portion of the stair) the same color as your trim, and refinishing the treads ( the horizontal portion of the stair). Choose from cable, glass, or rod railing systems. Black steel, sleek lines, elegant form. Local codes may vary, so check with. Engineered railing systems must be tested and certified to meet IRC and IBC building codes. These prices, which don’t vary much by location, include the cost of materials and labor. While many passengers may assume that ticket prices are solely determined by distance and demand, there are actually several hidden factors at p. Let the primer dry per the manufacturer's specifications. The Iron Shop Houston 42-in x 10. Here are the main steps in how to build a rooftop deck. Transportation in the early 1800s was primarily by horse and sail, but the development and refinement of the steam engine spurred the development of rail and river transportation. Step 3 – Add Railings to the Upper-Level Stair Opening. Transcend is either a 5-step or 3-step process. Alternatively, call us on 0161 873 8333. Let’s dive into how you can make your own stylish stair railings below. Using three treads produces superior drainage, and is comfortable for stoop sitting. Unlike wobbly wrought iron railings, Simple Rail's pipe construction is solid and strong. Railings in St Paul, Lakeville, Woodbury, Twin Cities, Cottage …. Copies of the source documents may be viewed and downloaded on the government websites linked in the suggested articles below. 15 Residential Stair Codes (Handrail Height, Width, Risers). For a glam take on the typical Christmas stairwell, squeeze in as many ornaments as you can. With their steps, treads and railing, they are easily one of the most fundamental architectural elements in any home. Continue the clean lines and incredible visual appeal through a new modern staircase. These interior stairs have cottage, barn, or farmhouse appeal thanks to the “X” design. Attach the first handrail bracket to your wall with screws. A free meeting with Paragon’s consultative designers helps you bring your vision to life, transforming. Wrought Iron Railing for Balcony. For $2,196, this model works from 7-ft. Balusters cost an average of $1,200 to $1,600, with single balusters costing $3 to $17 before installation. A maximum rise of 7-3 / 4 ”- maximum difference among risers 3/8″. (1) "Handrail" means a rail used to provide. Our own in-house wrought iron department can custom build any design to your specifications. Suitable handrails for common stairs in blocks of flats 24 12. Versatility is a huge benefit of iron railings, as they can be. R26 - white front step railing. Handrail angles (2) Handrail brackets (8) Handrail end caps (2) Handrail kits (6) Handrails (17) Width. I’ll also be installing a runner soon, most likely a bound piece of carpeting rather than a ready made runner. Stair rails installed after March 15,1991, must be not less than 36 inches (91. The end result pairs great with the stone concrete steps and the fall colors of the leaves make these pictures look fantastic! 8. Cocktail rail uses a Transcend Tropicals, Transcend Earth Tones or Select Earth Tones deck board as the rail itself, making a flat surface that’s perfect for summertime beverages. The gap between balustrade railings, whether vertical or horizontal. 75 Spiral Staircase Ideas You'll Love. Drill a countersunk 3mm pilot hole at a 30 degree angle, making sure the hole goes through the rail and into the post. Install the concrete anchors in the holes you made using a hammer, then place the based flanges. For a modern look, consider stainless steel. Air travel was a total mess this holiday season (looking at you, Southwest). Floating stairs with a clear glass railing lead the way to …. 01 of 25 Wood Stair Railing Design David Tsay. Click here to download StairDesigner and test it out for yourself. It is known for offering a more precise view than cable railing systems. Use your stud finder to locate and mark the first bracket location. This Article has been amended to clarify the dimensions and method of measurement for tapered treads. building code requires support posts for the rail structure to be no further apart than 6 feet on a deck with 4×4’ deck rail posts and no more than 8 feet apart for decks with 6×6’ deck rail posts. Consider purchasing wood stair railings, which offer a natural finish while looking polished. Handrails can keep visitors safe, especially if you have a multi-level deck. “People leave stuff on the stairs as a resting spot for things to take upstairs. Use painter’s tape to protect the deck and the older railing. Railings come in various styles to suit just about any environment. Use a marker to trace around the edges of the railing. The stairway must be at least 36 inches wide, measured above the handrail. Then skew two 50mm screws into each hole to secure the post and rail together. Cottage staircase ideas – style tips for a homely look. Contemporary stair railings can add a big dose of style to a new build or make an older home feel current. Chinese stocks got a lift today, on reports that the People’s R. Finding cheap rail tickets might be easier said than done. Every step on your staircase needs to equal the same run and rise. The building code is the same for both interior and exterior steps: a handrail is required for 4 or more risers (3 treads). The possibilities are endless but don’t get discouraged. But the truth of the matter was, we were already MAXED out on our budget, and we couldn’t afford to add on all new railings. Wall-mounted stair railings fall on the low end of prices since they are easier and cheaper to install. Stair Lifts: 2023 Ultimate Stair Lift Guide. Photos 5 and 6 show how to drill for and set the anchors. Balcony Railing Design for House Front (20 Ideas with Images) When we speak about the house front, a balcony is the most prominent part of it. Whenever the distance from grade to the walking surface above is greater than 30 in. The pipe railing for stairs is built entirely from Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. subway car Cinema 4D + fbx stl: Free. Spiral staircases are innovative and great space savers. 75 Metal Staircase Ideas You'll Love. Glass Railing Cost: Guide to Frameless & Framed Systems. Keeping in sync with the contemporary design of your home, you can opt for a good-quality wooden staircase, alternating with brown treads and white risers or vice versa. She may need a railing to feel safe even if a handrail is not required in the code. Maximum Projection of Railing from Wall. Floating Staircase with Cable Railing. 4 horizontal rails spaced so a 4'-3/8" sphere cannot pass through. Send our design assistance team any photos, sketches, and measurements that you feel would be helpful during the design process. Some of the projects we do regularly include ADA railing, DOT railing, balcony railing, ornamental railing, cable …. Representative Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, locked down more support on Monday in his drive to become speaker. Give your home an upscale look with this interior spiral staircase kit. This rule shall apply to temporary conditions where there is danger of employees or material falling through floor, roof or wall openings or from stairways or runways. Panel Balcony Aluminium Glass Railing ₹ 900/ Running Feet. Work in sections doing a few spindles at a time. For example, the handles are wood, whereas the insides have thin metal round bars fixed. The price varies based on the project, materials used and the design of the project. Cut the first post and drive a 5-inch-long timber screw halfway up the height of the joist to secure the post to the joist. Do the same at the bottom tread. The above house has a front railing design which is made of two materials: metal and wood. If you need the perfect railing to accent your stairs and interior design, CustomMade artisans can make it …. 5 Stair Railing Trends in 2023 (With 18 Ideas). This indoor stair railing was built by Scott in Santa Cruz, California. FLOATING STAIRCASE This sleek and modern staircase by Heritage Doors and Floors LTD features wood treads with a glass railing system, creating a seamless look. Browse through the House of Forgings stair parts catalog for a variety of railing and baluster types in many different styles and finishes,. We’ll go over everything you need to …. (d) The narrowest width in a stairway or landing serving a stairway shall determine the units of width for the. From modern metal designs to classic wooden styles, these DIY Stair Railing Ideas will elevate your home's interior design by improving safety. This was the base then for a solid piece of MDF that would be screwed to the top. Striking Modern Entryway in White with Clear Glass Stair Railing. His outdoor stair railing is a custom solution, however, it is similar to our Hybrid 518/C58 Stair Railing Kit. We offer complete stair and railing services, including customizable wood, stainless steel, aluminum, wrought iron, and glass applications for interior and exterior stairs and rails. Wood Stairs and Stair Railings. They are used to change the direction of the stairs and replace landings. Handrails & Railings offers reliable handrails for any project. 8 Ways to Make Your Stairs Safer for Older Adults. Place the pipe on all the base flanges and then tighten the screw. Cantilever-stair-with-exposed-stringer-Keuka-Studios. An Amazing Glass Handrail Design. It is easy to install and can be used on almost any set of stairs. Cable stair railings – these have either horizontal or vertical metal cables instead of the more common pickets or panels and these act as a barrier or railing. The standard height of handrails is between 34 and 38 inches, measured vertically from the nose of the stair treads. Steel Railing Design: Prices in 2023. North and South Korea celebrate a new rail line they can't construct. 125-in Black Painted Aluminum Flange. Blocking and posts for bench seats. The finials were cleverly created using two kinds of furniture feet. Screw the railing to the porch. Exterior stair guardrails must comply with all the general IBC guardrail requirements found in section 1015 Guards. See more ideas about iron stair railing, wrought iron stairs, stair railing. Handrails can extend a maximum of 4. 4 mm) bit intended for use with metal. Our modern railings are the anchor of your floating stair system. The handrails of the staircase should also be able to support at least 90-100 kg weight. 50 to $8 per square foot for materials and a contractor. Wrought iron railings in front of a house. handrails (1) A stairway shall have a handrail on at least one side, and if 1 100 mm or more in width, shall have handrails on both sides. Railings: United States handrails for open stairs: 34-38″ above the stairs. 5 inches from the wall is required for easy handling. Insulated glass doors with brushed stainless trim and pole handles offer modern appeal to the room. 31+ House Railing Design Ideas for Balcony & Staircase in India. How to Paint a Staircase to Spruce Up Your Entryway. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to be. Step 6: Calculate the Stair Angle and Double-Check Your Dimensions. 44-in Plain Matte Black Wrought Iron Stair Baluster. 58-ft Raw Unfinished Stair Railing Kit. Here’s the citation in the Residential Edition of the Florida Building Code (FBC), and the International Residential Code (IRC) is the same: This is a summary of the other handrail requirements found at R311. 36'' H x 4'' W Black Metal Porch And Stair Railings. Patio stairs are often built from matching wood, and wooden stairs can add a small but elegant accent for a short-rise patio. Nov 3, 2020 - Explore Lora Hastreiter's board "banister remodel", followed by 257 people on Pinterest. Mauro used a sanding block for the balusters and a random orbital sander for the posts and railings to get the job done quicker on the larger areas. Request Service or call (844) 639-1739. Outdoor stair guardrails must comply with all the general requirements of IRC Section R312. Repeat with the staircase trim. The combination of platform poured against siding and poor drainage sending water towards the house walls increases the risk of insect attack as well as ice formation in winter at this New York home. White and brown is an age-old combination for home stairs. It’s great for small to medium sized dogs, but a big dog might put the gate to the test. 80 Modern Railing Design for House Front Ideas & Photos 2022. FREE shipping Add to Favorites 3ft Metal Lamb Tongue Handrail wrought Iron Hand rail Stair step rail Wall mount railing grab bar Bracket Design Ornamental classic (541) $ 309. In addition to providing safety, you also want your deck railing to enhance as. 2019 California Residential Code Stairway & Landing …. Private stairways 30 inches (762) or less in height may have a handrail on one side only. These This Old House videos showcase all of our stair projects, how-tos, and designs. Beautiful woodwork, especially around staircases, is an asset in …. Once dry, apply a coat of polyurethane following the manufacturer’s instructions. Jan 11, 2018 - Explore Sandra Conover's board "Indoor railing" on Pinterest. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite porch railings that we think you’ll absolutely love. Here are just some of the stairs and staircases we build: Concrete prefabricated steps. Ships in 1-2 Business Days !!!! Wrought Iron Guardrail / handrail for stairs, Stair Step metal …. We fabricate aluminum, steel and vinyl railing products engineered for code compliance wherever your project is located and our CAD design group can assist in bringing your railing project from …. For any building bigger than a private house, modern codes invariably specify at least two sets of stairwells, completely isolated from each other so. For a house with a more graceful feel, narrower rails work best. The drawing here shows a set of stairs with only three risers, so a handrail is not required. Traveling to Switzerland for your senior trip is an exciting adventure that you will never forget. Stair rails don't just make your steps look beautiful. Deck Railing Systems at Lowes. It makes a nice addition to any room in your house whether it's formal or informal and adds. The railing’s open design provides an unobstructed view of the surrounding area, resulting in a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. Exception 1: Guardrails located at the open side of a stair run shall not be. Heavy Duty Handrail Mounting Brackets Designed for heavy duty applications, these brackets support metal and wooden handrails on stairs and ramps. VEVOR Handrail Outdoor Stairs 47. May 25, 2022 - Explore Kuch Nahi's. These types of stairs work well in the main room of a house or office building. Interior Railings & Stair Parts at Lowes. Building Regulations and balconies. Step 1: Mix 1:1 parts of water and vinegar in a bowl. 7 Steps to Build a Stair Railing. can someone recommend a good carpenter or handyman that can build a 3 to 4 step wooden stair with railing for from house to garage floor. Wood and glass staircase for inside of the home. A unified exterior palette and aesthetic — so your outdoor living space blends seamlessly with the look and feel of your home. In this space, you’re allowed a gap of up to six inches instead of the maximum of four. Farmhouse Railing Material: Wood Clear All. My house was built in 1938 and has an almost identical staircase to yours. Creative Glass Railing Concepts. Renovating stairs can cost from $1,000 to $2,000 and up to $8,000 for a full revamp. Use a paintbrush first to start to apply a primer in small grooves. On each side of the top and bottom rails measure 25mm from the end of the rail and make a mark. The railing features a lustrous stainless steel finish, providing a visually pleasing touch. All steps must have the same rise (the gap between one step and the next). A stair railing is a fantastic addition to any home. A Guardrail is required along the open side of any walking surface, which include stairs, ramps, and landings, provided the drop is more than 30 inches within 36 inches from the edge. Here are 13 inspiring and creative stair designs that you can use as a starting point to give your home a classy makeover. Not only are your stairs made of unique parts that need special attention, but there’s a lot of preparation involved and obstacles you might encounter. You may have an aging mother whose house has a single step down to the driveway. 5, the minimum depth of the tread is 13 inches (330 mm) and not less than one handrail complying with Section 1014 is provided within 30 inches (762 mm) of the centerline of the normal …. If you watch our YouTube channel, you're probably used to seeing us j. This process usually takes up to three weeks. Do Deck Stairs Need Railings? A Hand Rail Guide. Outdoor Stair Railing Ideas. Harmonious Wood and Metal Combinations. 430 Best Staircase & Railings ideas in 2023. This metal stair railing design combines a dark polished wooden rail with black balusters featuring decorative details that follow the lines of a gently curved staircase. Solid construction, beautiful design, and lasting strength. PT rails can be installed quickly and custom steel railings can be fabricated to fit a home’s unique dimensions …. Portable ramps can quickly create an access point if an entryway has only a few steps leading to it. Are you looking for an easy way to find out the train times for your National Rail Enquiries journey? With the help of the National Rail Enquiries website, you can quickly and easily find out all the information you need. May 22, 2019 - Explore Mountain Laurel Handrails's board "Banisters", followed by 37,807 people on Pinterest. This stair railing picture shows a Grecian urn style turned baluster. CA: The guard should resist a horizontal. R27 - modern simple iron railings (closeup) R27 - modern iron railings on steps. thick gravel base, then pour a concrete slab or lay paving stones. The Best 20 Stairs Design for Duplex House. Be sure to place the side of the plastic with the protective film on the outside, so that you can easily remove it after installation. In the fabrication of our Interior Iron Railings we use a variety of metal materials such as Wrought Iron, Bronze and Stainless Steel. Heavy Duty Round Bars have 2mm thick walls! Satin Black and Ash Grey - Standard Round Bars have 1mm thick walls. If you want to add a stylish twist to your house. Within a dwelling unit, the use of a volute, turnout, starting easing or starting newel is allowed over the lowest tread. Steps (With Examples)">15 Outdoor Handrails for Concrete Steps (With Examples). Choose one that suits the design, interior and exterior of your home and gear up to make a statement with a perfect staircase. com">Railing Designs Ideas for Modern Homes. Browse our metal railing kits and buy online. Elevate your loft’s railing with a fusion of wood and metal, combining aesthetics with safety. Need parts for a staircase? Get trade quality spindles, bannister rails & more priced low. By applying Trimble's advanced positioning solutions, productivity increases and safety improvements are being realized. How many exterior steps require a handrail?. A typical 25-foot handrail costs an average of $900 to install, depending on the material used. Local studio Splyce Design has designed a light-filled, angled house with glazed corners and a sculptural staircase overlooking. Volvo XC90 (2015) Sanitary ware set. This is a nice idea for outdoor stairs, the staircase and the railings made up of pure timber. The length of the step (referred to as the ‘going’) should be a minimum of 220mm and a maximum of 220mm.