Raga, since its inception, has paid special attention to the quality of the internal structure of its upholstered furniture; to its volumes, shapes, materials and ergonomics.

We manufacture solid pieces of pine and solid beech wood, which are fitted and assembled efficiently, guaranteeing great durability and usefulness.

The result is a durable furniture, robust in its internal structure.

Our product has been configured to have a long service life. Each upholstered furniture produced is unique, prevailing the philosophy of repairing rather than discarding for a new one.

Ergonomics and practical and functional design for daily life, both in work areas, hotels and at home, are several of the fields studied in our innovation.





We conceive upholstered furniture as a product that requires expertise in the assembly and adjustment of the internal structure, as well as a high technical degree and perfection in the preparation and upholstery. Currently, our manufacturing is an efficient mixture of artisanal and industrial processes, constantly improving and refining, which allows us to put in the hands of a demanding public, the exclusivity of our designs and the craftsmanship of our “know-how”.

detalle madera tapizados fresh furniture

Special assemblies in our solid wood structures.

tapizados fresh furniture

High durability elastic strap.

detalle confección tapizados fresh furniture

Veteranity in our tailoring section. High qualification and experience.

detalle espuma sillones fresh Furniture

Combination of high resilience and soft foams for maximum comfort.

detalle tapizado fresh furniture

Versatile upholstery human team. Expert in classic upholstery and in reclining and motorized systems.


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