design and manufacture of upholstered furniture of the highest quality

Raga is a young company but with a long family history in the design and manufacture of upholstered furniture since 1959, in Valencia, Spain. Our company has always aimed to provide the product with design, quality, comfort and functionality.

From our facilities, we make sure to provide the satisfaction of acquiring a high quality upholstered furniture and unique design.

Ergonomics and practical and functional design for daily life, both in work areas, hotels and at home, are several of the fields studied in our innovation.




Since its inception, Raga has been characterized by producing durable furniture, solid in its internal structure and with an efficient assembly of all its pieces. Our product has been configured to have a long service life. Each piece produced is unique, prevailing the philosophy of repairing rather than discarding for a new one.





We conceive upholstered furniture as a product that requires expertise in the assembly and adjustment of the internal structure, as well as a high technical degree and perfection in the preparation and upholstery. A high artisanal and detailed knowledge transmitted from grandparents to grandchildren, as well as creativity and enthusiasm for design, are the main assets of our company.


Raga file. Valencia, Year 1968. Inspiration for the Kim armchair.



Raga file. Valencia, Year 1968. Inspiration for the Sandy armchair.



From the beginning, our effort has been devoted to the design and pattern-making of upholstered furniture from its internal structure (one step before manufacturing) to respond to multiple variants of our collection, as well as the manufacture of bespoke furniture for contracts.

Casimiro was one of the best cabinetmakers the company had, organizer, methodical and perfectionist. The current management adapts today its structure assembly systems, as well as efficient processes. As an example, the Leonardo chair and the Dali chair.


Antonio Raga with Casimiro making prototypes and improving the structures in the year 2000.



Meuble Paris, France. Year 2010.




Habitat Fair Valencia, Spain. Year 2018.



Valencia, Spain. Year 2023.

Lab Collection. A contemporary collection by Raga. Very handicraft and special finished. Taking care above all about comfort and aesthetics.





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