Best Element For Kuva Hek

Best Element For Kuva Hekkuva zarr is very strong if you have scavenger aura, conversion exilus, primed firestorm, but it got nerfed, so the build must be well thought now, it's less forgiving than b4. Increases accuracy while aiming for a brief time upon hitting an enemy. Innate Element: anything that can add an additional unique status effect for [Galvanized Aptitude]. Kuva Hek - Heat - Archon Hunting - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by FragCJ - Updated for Warframe 32. What The Hek? - 6 Forma Kuva Hek build by HeavenTear - Updated for Warframe 33. Toxin is great for its combined elements, while Heat is great on its own for status. So what is the best elemental damage type for Kuva weapons in Warframe nowadays? Does it even matter? Which progenitor warframe is the best choice, fire, rad. The kuva hek is decently powerful but it's really clunky and only offers single target damage. Over 12 pellets it's 5 corrosive procs per shots. Again, not meta or even very powerful. normal or Steel Path), pair it with Corrosive/Viral/Heat primer weapon like Phage or Catabolyst. Mod Ivara for >200% power str (her invis/3 gives extra headshot multiplier), maybe add another buff (I like + magus vigor + eclipse + madurai's Sling Strength. In the hands of the Void, the Phenmor becomes darkly aggressive. If you spam procs a lot you're likely to want heat or toxin. Best element for each kuva weapon : r/Warframe. 5 Forma Kuva Hek Build by Tiger³. With 31 Tenet/Kuva weapons, these's no time to spare on farming a poor element. The Kuva Twin Stubbas are the dual Kuva variant of the standalone Stubba submachine gun, with improved status chance, accuracy, fire rate, magazine size, and ammo reserves, but with slower reload speed. Once the blade weapon of choice for an exclusive order of Tenno assassins, the Karyst dagger grew to become a symbol of honor and duty for all Tenno Karyst is a Tenno single dagger that deals innate Toxin damage. Keep in mind that Primed Cryo Rounds is a good element mod for damage. I have max'ed out tenent arca plasmor, kuva zarr, kuva bramma and Chakkurr and of all of them I have the most fun with the kuva hek. CRITICAL CHANCE Radiation, heat, and …. gg/QFxEcyaMQnMy kuva element : HeatBuild Buff More Damage:1. Electric is good for the same reason, but Corrosive. corpus config b 1,276k+ burst dps. Personally, it was pretty strong but I don’t like it. Tenet Envoy- If playing around the Tonkor's reload mechanics is just too annoying to deal with, I'd recommend this as a second best general AOE option. On its own Magnetic is fairly neutral damage typing, except for Corpus where it will obliterate them well into Steel Path. Custom variant of a Corpus classic. So, Kuva Hek being able to equip Scattered Justice would be consistent with the current behavior. This variant pistol has higher fire rate and magazine capacity. There are only seven of them on the entire periodic table. kuva hek OS archon - 4 Forma Kuva Hek build by Ishanis. Kuva Hek Lich - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by Pandaahh - Updated for Warframe 31. Please select a weapon/ephemera/element. Best element for lich weapons? : r/Warframe. Recommended: heat for armor strip or magnetic for shield strip. If you get a Toxin Bramma and fuse the two, you'll get a menu asking you if you want element 1 (Cold) or element 2 (Toxin) when fusing them, so don't worry about that, just get a Toxin one and fuse them. This weapon deals primarily Puncture damage. 01 (though it might become 60% after three fusions because of rounding, I'm not sure). 12 hours ago, JoJoshuee_DesK said: No, with that every kuva weapon will have a 1% or 2% drop rate. It's also an uncommon bonus element so you can usually get a 6 element stack for Condition Overload. This reengineered Cycron features a refracting energy disc that can split off its main target hitting up to two additional nearby targets. The Kuva Chakkhurr is a unique Kuva flintlock-styled rifle. Get information about prices and Trade with ease, without the pain of in-game chat. Similar to Mobile Defense, the squad must fight high-ranking enemies to loot a conduit …. Galvanized Kuva Hek - Grineer destroyer - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by _Primo_ - Updated for Warframe 30. For bramma I would suggest toxin since you are going to be building it for viral + hunters most likely. Kuva Hek Critical Build Config A. I also have been using a Kuva Hek to kill them with other frames. Radiation is out because the Kuva Ogris is not a crit weapon that can make full use of it, being more of a status launcher. The Kuva Seer is the Kuva variant of the Seer, with higher damage, critical chance, critical multiplier, status chance, fire rate, and reload speed, but with a significant drop to ammo reserves. Riven mod for Vigilant Armaments. Radiation Damage is one of the six secondary elemental damage types, composed of Heat and Electricity elements. How do i get kurva hec ?! : r/Warframe. All Void angels were once humanoid manifestations similar to the Holdfasts, but turned into angels after giving in to the song from the Reliquary Drive. Kuva Chakkhurr guide by Lettuch. Almost 1M Dmg Kuva Hek - 4 Forma Kuva Hek build by joseph71 - Updated for Warframe 30. Weapon can be seen already on the the kuva larvling after you kill it, but before mercy kill, so you can easily skip duplicate weapons by not mercy killing. Buy and Sell Kuva Hind on our trading platform | How much does it cost ? -> Min. This makes the Kuva Nukor an ideal weapon option for setting up the Archons for a one-tap headshot using the Kuva Hek or Felarx shotgun. Best elements for kuva and tenet weapons. harrow with the zarr is top choice, solves both reload and fire rate issues. The use of Toxin in that chart make me distrust the designer's logic. Archons - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by GodOfMisfortune - Updated for Warframe 32. Kuva Nukor is pretty good as a primer so you want magnetic on it (this way you can have four procs on it). Going for a Tenet Cycron, Best element? : r/Warframe. The Kuva Drakgoon is the Kuva variant of the Drakgoon flak cannon, featuring a larger magazine, faster reload speed, faster charge time, and much higher critical chance on charged shots, but at some expense to base damage. Kuva Hek guide by dank_mckushenstien. Pre ammo nerf I liked the Zarr better but now Bramma is just the better weapon imo. This weapon does primarily Blast damage. Viral/Heat Hybrid Kuva Nukor Build. In addition to its five-round burst and semi-automatic fire, the Kuva Hind sports a fully-automatic fire mode, all of which can be cycled through the Alternate Fire. kohm is better for toxin, as you can do viral or corrosive with primed charged shell. Critical Deceleration - Critical Chance from 48% to 200% -30% fire rate to -20% fire rate can no longer stack with Blunderbuss/Primed. Warframe: How To Best Farm Kuva. Forged at the behest of the Worm Queen herself, this already powerful shotgun now has the additional ability to fire from all four barrels simultaneously. 25 toxin mod modifier to x2 in the proc calculation. Even at 60% Radiation, Radiation will be of lower proc priority than your chosen element and will get all the benefits of that main elements proc to synergize with it's bonus against Alloy. 5 most overpowered Kuva weapons in Warframe, ranked. Shotgun crit mods suck, and reaching 100% status elevates a shotgun above the ones that can't. Hey, kinda new to liches, what’s the best element for a Kuva Hek?. Kuva hek with riven - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by bingqing - Updated for Warframe 32. If you want one big proc, gas is best. The Glaive is very good cause slash procs ignore armor, and deal dmg direct to health. Boasting double the magazine capacity of the base variant, a faster rate of fire, and an increased critical chance, the Vaykor Hek also comes with an innate Justice effect. One is a cyborg and the other is part of a harem; both, however, are out for your blood. If elemental Kuva buff damages are considered as elemental mods modifier, it could mean the "base value" is based on the non-elemental version. CRITICAL CHANCE Kuva Hek Archon 1 shot build made by someone that knows how the build works. Archon has 2 dynamic defense techs: damage type gating and DPS check. Alternate Fire? - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by somadefake - Updated for Warframe 30. Kuva Hek: For Lvl 185 Enemies - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by Ayuca - Updated for Warframe 32. Warframe: Every Kuva Lich Weapon, Ranked. Cold and Toxic both have applications on most weapons: add the missing element and have Viral. Extremely ammo hungry though, so you should get a Shotgun Ammo Mutation or Vigilante Supplies if you're gonna use it, or you'll run out of ammo very fast. It fires five-round bursts while maintaining a low recoil allowing all rounds fired to land very close to one another, but has poor critical stats. Kuva Kohm is also high out there and is very fun. Updated July 30, 2023, by Charles Burgar: Now that Duviri has been out for a few months, the impact of Incarnon Adapters has settled into the meta. Over 12 pellets it's 6 corrosive procs per shots. Tigris Prime versus Kuva Hek? : r/Warframe. Some Kuva weapons, such as the Kuva Nukor, are the best in their respective archetype. Innate Elemental damage (s): Blast. Yes, it's a good crit/status hybrid weapon and the extra element can help set up Condition Overload while conserving build space. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it basically shoots so hard, the barrels come off and your reload animation is “Egats, Lotus! My barrels are gone!”. It also functions as an automatic rifle rather than a continuous …. I don't claim my builds are the best or work for everyone, but i like and use them. How do i get Kuva Hek ? : r/Warframe. get another one with radiation and then you …. Kuva Cannon (Kuva Hek, 5 Forma) Forma: 5 (4V, D) Variant: KuvaHek Lich Element: Heat. This weapon does primarily Slash damage. Kuva Karak guide by Crispy0Snake. com/channel/UCiiumCSIzTvyyarRTSwow-gRecruiting Ninjas! Sign. The consensus "best" Kuva weapons are the Kuva Bramma and the Kuva Nukor, with the Kuva Chakkhurr, Kuva Kohm and Kuva Ayanga. element is “meta” for Kuva weapons ? (Heard toxic but ">What element is “meta” for Kuva weapons ? (Heard toxic but. This most likely will be fixed eventually, but. corpus config b 1,276k+ burst dps. Just get one to spawn, down it, and see it it has the Kuva Hek. Kuva hek build : r/Warframe. Yes, the Kuva Kohm is a very good weapon. Most people prefer either Toxin or Heat. [] Archon Massacre machine - 4 Forma Kuva Hek build by Helkor_divine - Updated for Warframe 33. The Tenet Cycron is the Tenet variant of the Cycron beam pistol, with improved critical chance, status chance, and total damage. It's a good way to trigger a full 10 stacks of Viral before finally shooting the Archons in the head with a modified Kuva Hek. Kuva Kohm Build 2022 (Guide) - The Big Daddy Shotgun (Warframe Gameplay)The Kohm has always been an amazing weapon and the Kuva version simply improved on th. Kuva Hek_Archon Headhunter - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by gg0 - Updated for Warframe 33. As this post says above, the kuva hek for some reason can’t use scattered justice, the only reason the vaykor hek can’t use the most because you can’t stack syndicate status effects, which the vaykor has build inc the kuva hek and vaykor hek has similar stats to each over but vaykor is better in my eyes because of the justice status it has, I still don’t understand …. Config B uses [ Chilling Reload] , [ Primed Tactical Pump] to maximize reload speed. grineer config A 1,054k+ burst dps. Consider the operations you perform in PowerPoint, as well as t. Acquire the Voruna blueprint and component blueprints from Archimedean Yonta at the Chrysalith or from Yuvarium and Circulus on Lua. Vanquishing a lich will give you the ephemera ( if they have one ), their kuva weapon and items they stole form you. Kuva Chakkhurr guide by Nuck1es. The Hek is a powerful shotgun that fires its shots with a tight spread, making it efficient at medium range as long as its strong recoil is properly managed. Heat is good if you want to combine 2 elemental mods that don’t interfere with the bonus element to give a weapon a good extra combined status effect (Heat + Viral, Corrosive or Magnetic). The -66% projectile speed from the riven doesn't seem noticeable enough to need to run Galvanized Acceleration. Firstly OP, the title needs to be changed to correct "help" to "Hek" although a help shotgun sounds nice. 1) go with heat and build weapon for viral with cold+primed toxin. The Epitaph fires fast and players also don't need to aim well since. Wanna get good damage weapon, get good universal build and forget about building and other things - heat. Archon Hunt Melee : r/Warframe. = 120min on avg to secure a Kuva Lich. My Preferred Bonus Damage: Radiation (build viral crit) 3. Vaykor is overall weaker than Kuva, but the larger magazine and innate Justice can be more convenient. Cedo and Kuva Hek are good ones. How to efficiently kill kiva lich/sister : r/Warframe. Cannot fire unless fully charged. For every shot fired in succession the Kuva Kohm releases an additional bolt and grows more lethal. For liches I have a Nyx with ulti augment that makes you able to shoot while using the bubble. After the screen flashes in any level 20+ Grineer mission, players are …. Polarizing the weapon increases its max rank by 2, capping at rank 40 after 5 …. What is your favorite weapon? : r/Warframe. Amar the Wolf was once a Sentient Beast, which were Sentients created by Praghasa and Hunhow to serve as the peacekeepers of …. Even at 60% Radiation, Radiation will be of lower proc priority than your chosen element and will get all the benefits of that main elements proc to synergize with …. A Kuva Hek would not have this effect, and thus be eligible for the augment. Kuva Hek - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by null_Zer0 - Updated for Warframe 30. Magnetic is only good on Nukor for the extra status to the best of my knowledge. element should I use against this sister? She's. Generally speaking heat & toxin are the best options but it really depends on the specific weapon and what you want to do with it. Shotguns as a special case means we have buffed the Status Chance of all Shotguns by x3 or greater. This weapon deals primarily Puncture damage and …. 5 Forma Kuva Hind Build by enasper. The Kuva Ayanga and even the Mausolon are better in most circumstances (i. KUVA HEK Forged at the behest of the Worm Queen herself, this already powerful shotgun now has the additional ability to fire from all four barrels simultaneously. Toxin imo is the best element for all the Lich weapons except for the Nukor. Been thinking about getting a hek since killing those liches and sisters is such a hassle. Acid Shells would be no different. Kuva Hek!">How To One Shot Archons With Any Warframe Using The Kuva Hek!. Kuva weapons are some of the strongest and most sought out endgame content in Warframe, and for all the good reasons. Re shotguns, the Kuva Hek in partucular can literally one shot with the right buffs and alt fire (2 shot them with much less strick requirements). Kuva Hek Build by THeMooN85. What element nukor are you using? I find a heat nukor works best for a death laser, you're putting viral mods on it anyways for the status chance alone, and it's going to be giving you the max of 10 viral procs super quick, so giving proc priority to heat which has no max cap I find is the best way to deal direct damage, and stack up as many. Kuva Hek, Boar Prime, Daikyu, Secura Penta (better with Mag, or else with Napalm mod), Cedo, Filming, Glaxion Vandal With the right mods and. Going for a status chance build isn’t really worth the mod slots, since the Vaykor Hek (and every other shot gun in the game) needs 100% status chance before it actually works as planned. I find it much more annoying to line up the perfect shot for the kuva hek rather than just dumping 2 mags in 7 seconds without needing to aim too much. A weapon worthy of the steel path. Can be fired in wide or concentrated bursts. This system doesn't seem to account for multishot, critical damage, and elemental damage bonuses. The Hek is good, but the Vaykor Hek is better. 4-meter explosion after traveling for 20 meters in midair possessing high status chance. The Cernos is a Tenno bow, specializing in damaging shields by its high Impact damage. Build for Corrosive or radiation. Magnetic Lich bonus - Fuck your shields. In this update, One Mod alone generally delivering the best tier of Criticals. That's bad when you put on other mods that build off of your physical damage, like elemental mods (and likely the Kuva's bonus element). Glaive Prime has always been a strong melee weapon whose heavy attack is one of the best for clearing up Steel Path rooms and. If it doesn't, finish the mission (don't kill the larvling), and repeat until you find the right one. As per usual, that means Toxin is a good default choice. On 2022-02-12 at 8:22 AM, Cephalon_Naiture said: Yup, Radiation is the best element for Kuva Grattler, you're fine. Grigori; Toxin, IPS + Toxin feels good to me for a lot of melee weapons, bypassing shields, adding some CO damage, generally nice for most situations. Kuva Hek with impact : r/Warframe. More elements in a weapon means more bonuses from mods that gain bonus damage from each element type on an enemy. Kuva Floods have a guaranteed drop. Element: Magnetic | Has ephemera : No | Damage: 47. There was a big uproar over it being unable to be installed. The Kuva Hek is the Kuva variant of the Hek shotgun, with boosts to its critical chance and falloff range, along with its damage, critical multiplier, and status chance surpassing the Vaykor Hek. It would probably be the best non-AoE primary due to its insanely high modded damage. Use kill a few enemies to get deadhead, and galvanized up. Valence Fusion in Warframe is a system that allows you to fuse two Kuva Lich weapons together to upgrade them. Since Corpus are actually more durable now due to their shields and have high level stats to back that up in Steel Path, it seems Magnetic actually has a lot more use now and getting a Magnetic Kuva Nukor would be more useful for a. The heat one get 100 IPS, 60 heat and 360 corrosive which mean 43. The 55% bramma would not result in a 58. The Kohm is a Grineer shotgun with a unique held-trigger function. 5 Forma Kuva Hek Build by TheMarine64. Even then, this start chart doesn’t account for the elemental bonus damage that can compensate for the damage reduction. For primaries, IMHO the Kuva Tonkor and Tenet Arca Plasmor are very solid. I just sit there and shoot it in the head with a vaykor hek and strip armor if needed. Everyone and their grandma had one, and for a very good reason. When finishing a lich, you will be given the option to convert or vanquish the lich. 4 Forma Kuva Hek Build by друг. There is a better version of that Hek though and that would be the Kuva variant. It was a pointless complaint considering not everyone has or wants to get a riven for it. Feedback] Kuva Hek needs slight tweaks. Kuva Brakk: Secondary Weapom: Kuva Bramma: Primary Weapon: Kuva Nukor: Secondary Weapon: Lesion: Melee Weapon: Vaykor Hek: Primary Weapon: Vectis Prime: …. CRITICAL CHANCE Best Cedo for me so far. The most widely used and biggest reason to even use kuva ogris is HEAT. Hek Archon - 6 Forma Kuva Hek build by BazzaTRD - Updated for Warframe 33. Set Mod Vigilante (Bonus Buff Enhance Crit Chance)3. Warframe Tier List - Kuva Hek - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by sakai4eva - Updated for Warframe 30. Our napkin math indicated that between the better crit stats and innate elemental bonus, the Kuva Hek without the augment is stronger than the basic Hek is with the augment. 1^x >= 60 => x >= ln (60/45)/ln (1. Although a budget can vary dramatically from one person to the next, many elements are the same, including a need to account for required expenses, plan to get out o. What is Kuva Hek capable of?Sisters, Liches, Demolysts, Acolytes, Eidolons, you name it. Weapons; Asked by Captain_Rocket505, April 5, 2020. The [Kuva Chakkhurr] has an innate +50% headshot damage bonus on top of the default headshot damage easily breaking one million damage in a single hit. 6)With this build, Kuva Hek's secondary shot reaches 129 pellets at max. Additionally, none of these changes affect other shotguns or non-Hek-exclusive mods in any way. Alternate Fire shoots four shots. A Kuva Larvling is a unique Grineer enemy that can spawn on any regular level 20+ Grineer mission. Quartakk has a slower firerate, but when you ADS the gun behaves like a Hek shotgun and hits like a hammer Hind is a good rifle with three fire modes to play with. Gosta de ter liberdade? Quer ser freelancer e fazer jobs em seu tempo livre ou ainda escolher quando e como fazer o que quiser fazer!? TUDO BEM!! Nós sabemos o valor de um profissional como você. Best innate element for Kuva Nukor? :: Warframe General. Innate Radiation - Fuck your friends too. The unique ability of this shotgun is that it can fire four times at once using Alternate Fire. Game Rant">Warframe: 6 Broken Weapon Builds. If you're only using it for Archon Hunts then it doesn't really matter, but Radiation or Magnetic are the best options for Kuva/Tenet weapons IMO. Any hard-hitting weapons recommendations (regardless of elements) to kill the Kuva Lich, especially at rank 5? For now I'm using Kuva Kohm or Tigris Prime and it's still taking a lot of time to bring one down, my dudes. Here are all the best guns you can get in our Warframe Weapons Tier List. This weapon can be sold for 10,500 Credits 10,500. For example, gold is made of only one kind of atom, so it is an element, but water is a mix of hydrogen and oxygen, so it is a compoun. Top Builds Tier List Player Sync New Build. The Mutalist Cernos is an Infested Cernos, possessing a lower critical chance in exchange for a significant increase in status chance. by zero2 — last updated 2 years ago (Patch 30. Part of this build includes a Riven Mod that reduces Magazine Capacity, leaving it with three shots instead of four. In addition to its use as a crafting material, Kuva is used to cycle Riven Mods. Rad allows for an otherwise impossible element combo, and is bonus damage against bombards, but the proc itself isnt that useful on quartakk. The Kuva Brakk is the Kuva variant of the Brakk shotgun pistol, featuring higher critical chance, status chance, fire rate, magazine capacity, and innate punch through, at the cost of reduced damage, closer falloff ranges, and massive damage falloff at. Slower fire rate but with a larger magazine. Her head is that of a serpent with the body of a Mag Prime, armed with the Verdilac. An element is made of only one kind of atom, while a compound contains the atoms of two or more elements. The Xoris is a Corpus glaive possessing high attack speed and uniquely has infinite combo duration. • Either that or just take the weapon when if the element isn't what we want cause of the frame we're leveling. Kuva Hek is a beast : r/Warframe. This weapon deals innate Impact and Electricity damage and can combine with an additional bonus of Impact, Heat, Cold, Electricity, Toxin, Magnetic, or Radiation based on the Sister's Progenitor Warframe, …. Archon has damage attenuation, so ideally, for example, if you use Kuva Hek, what you want to do, is land an Alt Fire shot on its head. Everyone with a lich on level 5 is bad at math, or did it …. The custom weapon of a fearsome Kuva Lich. So every bullet per shot has a less than 3% chance to apply that …. A Tier - Strong Picks Very strong, good in most situations. KUVA HEK - 3 Forma Kuva Hek build by rws2284 - Updated for Warframe 30. Kuva Hek - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by Nieziemski395 - Updated for Warframe 31. Neither of those are syndicate mods. Actually for the kuva Khom magnetic seems to be the best. Within the choice algorithm should Kuva Hek. 0 FORMA Kuva Grattler - Probably the best this weapon can do? Kuva Grattler guide by saph4. Hek is a puncture shotgun, which means if you reduce that stat, you reduce most of your damage output in general. The Kuva Bramma is a Kuva bow that has a small ammo capacity but deals massive Blast damage, allowing players to deal with higher-level enemies even when they are formed into a. Also, using combined element progenitors means you can also use elements used for those combinations to make others, so you can have Magnetic/Viral + Heat/Electric in the same weapon. It does have an interesting mechanic that gives it an autotargeting energy tendril for every kill that lasts until you reload. The deceptively simple Hek, a Grineer shotgun, has a few variants, but all of them are extremely powerful. The Karyst Dagger can be sold for 5,000 Credits 5,000. Minus 10min avg for the occasional correct guess. Starting out as a fully automatic shotgun that sports high damage and closely knit pellet shots with individual shell reloading similar to the Strun, achieving enough headshots will allow the player to temporarily transform it into a pair of high-damage semi-auto pistols. In essence, Kuva weapons are a special variation of already existing weapons…. Galvanized Kuva Nukor - 4 Forma Kuva Nukor build by dank_mckushenstien - Updated for Warframe 30. Each mod is malleable and unique, inspired by and meant for a single weapon. Cold, the air and water flowing Get toxin. For me, for all Kuva weapons, spawn with Magnetic. Nothing beats the Kuva Hek and its big meaty BLAM. B Tier - Good Picks Solid options for specific tasks. After that, the Kuva Hek and Tenet Flux are also interesting. Puncture Damage is one of the three physical damage types. A 1/5 riven dispo's value are roughly 20-30% of various. All my Builds ar for the clan and my personal use. It would be nice to have a new variant of the Hek that you can actually use it on, since you can't put it on the Vaykor Hek. Here's a look at some of the best. Best element Kuva Nukor? : r/Warframe. Superior zoom capabilities plus projectiles have a small corrosive burst. Kuva Earnings: 50,000+ per hour. em Guarujá, São Vicente, Francisco Morato, Monte Mór, Botucatú, Leme, São Bernardo do Campo, …. Kuva Hek w/Riven - 6 Forma Kuva Hek build by andrea24 - Updated for Warframe 32. The bow also releases Toxin spores that follow arrow impacts, producing lingering damage clouds. The Grineer have set up numerous outposts and bases to study and mine the ruins in the …. Furthermore, the range of this shotgun is quite ridiculous, making sniping with it is easy. 4 Forma Kuva Hek Build by redlayne14. You can fire full-auto with this hold-trigger weapon. Reach up to 100 status with this by choosing a great Riven mod. A contract can contain other elements, but these three are what must be contained in the contract to ensure it is legal and binding. 5 base damage that can be enhanced further with the progenitor element bonus Liches give, and most of the Livia's damage is Slash. Kuva Hek build plz">Can someone post me their Archon dropper Kuva Hek build plz. com/promocode?code=MCGAMERCZSecond Channelhttps://www. This Kuva version is a buffed Hek shotgun edition with a boost to critical and status chance and damage falloff range. And the second one checks if archon receives a lot of damage in small time frame and additionally lowers damage. Liches have a 20% chance to be generated with an Ephemera, depending on the Warframe who created them. 5 Forma Kuva Hek Build by null_Zer0. 6 Forma Kuva Hek Build by HeavenTear. Kuva Hek - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by Kodama - Updated for Warframe 30. Kuva larvling can't have the same weapon twice in a row. Something like magnetic on a kuva nukor could be very useful for Condition Overload melee builds for example. The Kuva Zarr is the Kuva variant of the Zarr, with drastic improvements to its critical chance, status chance, the Cannon mode's damage, fire rate, and explosion radius, and the Barrage mode's accuracy and removal of its range cap, with expense to its reload speed, ammo economy, and the Barrage mode's damage and fire rate. 589K subscribers in the Warframe community. Without any mods being applied to it, it has a base damage around five times that of many standard mooks, even those who would normally resist its damage …. What is a good riven mod for the hek shotgun. The element of this bonus is determined by which Warframe was used to kill the Kuva Larvling, triggering the birth of the Lich. Kuva Hek + Scattered Justice? : Warframe. Even if the VH didn’t just have better stats (which it does), reloading half as often is nice. Fire, Electricity, Fire and Poisson all the basic elements … Read more. Magnetic allows it to run Viral+Heat. best neighborhoods in doha Menu Close. Kuva Kohm Build 2022 (Guide). Warframe Weapon Tier List (October 2023). My build: galvanized savvy, chilling reload, hek critatox (+71% toxin and + 74. The Tenet Agendus is the Tenet variant of the Agendus hammer and shield combo that fires an energy disk on heavy attack. Suffers a bit from its tendency to use tons of ammo w/ altfire but a strong secondary or melee fixes any ammo droughts. The Best Helminth Abilities In Warframe, Ranked. Viral Toxin should beat Viral Slash against Corpus, but it's tough getting that combo on a single weapon. The Kuva Hek is a stronger version of the standard Hek, inheriting the critical buffs the Vaykor Hek received. I have a build toxin kuva hek 28%. Steel Path Infested Corrosive Kuva Hek Build - 5 Forma Kuva Hek build by Parii_s - Updated for Warframe 31. Innate kuva element increases the damage of [Nightwatch Napalm]. (Not counting K-Hek's alt-fire. Kuva Chakkhurr is a Kuva weapon variant of the Grineer flintlock-style rifle Chakkhurr. This weapon primarily deals Slash damage. Most of the good elemental combinations aka Viral and Corrosive use toxin as a base, sure you just need 1 60/60 or 90 elemental mod for a combination but you loose out on an additional element for condition overload. For Secondaries, Ocucor takes the cake. Earth/Cetus (Level 100 - 100 Cetus Bounty), A. Phenmor, Laetum, Kuva Hek, I can vouch for. Toxin also has some of the more meta frames in the game, Khora, Sayrn, Nekros. This weapon deals primarily Blast damage. But, it should be slight, maybe a few percentages lower values. The Kuva Ayanga is a unique Kuva Arch-gun that rapidly fires explosive rounds which travel in an arc. Aiming activates lock-on mode, targeting up to 8 enemies within 60 meters on the reticle to burst-fire 2 shots of …. The Arca Plasmor is a Corpus-built plasma shotgun that fires highly damaging pulses of Radiation with a guaranteed Impact proc. The preview of the kuva hek looks absolutely amazing, good. By far the best Kuva Weapon is Zarr for raw damage atm with Bramma being a close second (recommended elements are Toxin or Heat). Kuva Hek Compared To Vaykor Hek. How tf do I kill acolytes quickly?. kuva hek alt fire built with multishot, elements, crit (corrupted crit chance), cleanse, and NO base damage mod will almost always oneshot a lich provided you don't have a team with you to mess with the loose dps based DR the lich has. What is the best innate element for a kuva nukor primer?. Archon Nira is one of Erra's Archons, amalgams of Sentient and Warframes. It is highly effective against Grineer armor and Corpus Robotics, but suffers against Corpus Shields. But again toxin is a good choice but could do like cold or heat or whatever instead. sisters and liches, theres no best, since every single one of them have random weaknesses/resistances. Component blueprints for the Gauss Warframe are hidden in Disruption missions on Sedna. Faster fire rate will decrease the delay. FumeKnight_Raime • Proud Sevagoth Main •. Lost some AoE from Prime Firestorm nerf and a ton of ammo economy. 4 Forma Kuva Hek Build by MagicLeaves. 6% to get to 60% in one fusion but 55% is the safe bet IMO given trading practices) or higher is where real value comes into play for kuva/tenet weapon pricing. Khom based off slash had trouble with shields but in my mate5 Forma Kuva Hek Build by The.